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Dental Cleaning

Why You Need a Dental Cleaning

A regular dental cleaning and exam by a dentist is imperative to ensure proper oral health. While daily brushing and flossing removes the bacteria and food particles – missing twice-yearly

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baby teeth

Baby Teeth Matter!

Baby Teeth Our patients often ask us when they should start bringing their children to the dentist. Many parents are surprised when we tell them that we want to see

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Crown Care

Caring for Crowns Dental crowns are carefully crafted to cover a damaged tooth. Crowns can be metal or tooth-colored to blend in with natural tooth color. We recommend crowns to

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Invisalign Braces in Tempe, Arizona


Shalimar Family Dentistry Offers Invisalign to Help Straighten Teeth One of the primary concerns people often have about dental braces is the aesthetic impact of the metal on their smile.

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Bad Breath

What Really Causes Bad Breath

Halitosis can be embarrassing and cause anxiety Medically speaking, bad breath is known as halitosis, and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Most frequently, bad breath is a

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