Learn more about Sedation Dentistry in Tempe, AZ

Sedation dentistry provides a relaxing and anxiety-free environment for dental procedures. At Shalimar Family Dentistry in Tempe, we provide safe and affordable sedation treatment so that you no longer experience the fear associated with going to the dentist. You can receive the dental care you need without any unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Sedation is used to relax patients before a dental procedure. Sedative drugs are administered to patients to create easy and efficient dental care. Local anesthetics are also used at the location in the mouth to block pain receptors from reaching the affected teeth and gums. At Shalimar Family Dentistry, we offer oral conscious sedation at an affordable rate to ensure the comfort of our patients.

Oral conscious sedation keeps the patient aware of their surroundings, but less responsive to the experience. There are many reasons why people fear dental treatment and our team understands that every reason is a valid reason. Our commitment to you is to offer Sedation dentistry options that will address your fear and anxiety appropriately. Our licensed sedation dentist will safely treat your concerns with respect and kindness.

  • Addresses fear and anxiety
  • Full consciousness throughout visit
  • Less likely to create side effects common with other types of sedation
  • Relaxing and comfortable experience

Our caring family dentist in Tempe will evaluate the patient’s fear along with a dental treatment plan and create the best oral conscious sedation treatment plan for a successful visit.

Whether you simply cannot tolerate pain or fear sitting in a dentist chair, sedation dentistry can help make your dental care easier. In order to provide the necessary care, we collect your medical history during an exam to determine which sedation method is right for you. Call us to schedule an appointment and see if sedation is a the right option for you. At Shalimar Family Dentistry, we provide sedation options based on your specific needs. We provide safe and regulated sedation that will leave you relaxed and comfortable.