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Common Ways to Chip a Tooth

The enamel of teeth is amazingly strong. However, teeth do occasionally chip and will need to be checked by a dentist as soon as possible for treatment. There are a ton of ways that teeth can be chipped.

1. Bottles. Glass bottles (or glasses) are sometime brought up to the mouth a little too fast, especially after a beer or two, or in a crowded bar. Front teeth are the most commonly chipped by bottles and glasses and generally, they are small chips that can be fixed at the dental office with some dental bonding, which is a tooth-colored composite resin.

2. Hard candy. Lollipops, gobstobbers, gumballs, and other hard candy are sometimes chewed or bit-down-upon causing damage to a molar. These chips sometimes go very deep and should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.

3. Water fountains. Public water-fountains are often a cause of dental chips as someone comes into to take a drink, but miscalculates the fountain location.

4. Trampolines/bouncy houses. Trampolines, jump-gyms and bouncy houses are all the locations for common dental injuries including chipped teeth. Often this is because two kids “bounce” into each other, loosening or chipping front teeth.

5. Kissing. Kissing is sometimes the cause of a tooth chip too! A moment of passion can sometimes go awry and lead to a miscalculation and ultimately, a trip to the dentist.

6. Childbirth. Giving birth is a beautiful thing, but as that new life is coming into the world, some mothers grind their teeth so hard as they push and work through the pain—they accidently chip a bit of tooth. In these cases, it is best to focus on the issue at hand (the baby!) and recover a few days before getting the tooth fixed. However, as soon as it is reasonable, please make an appointment and we can get the issue addresses and fixed up.

7. Surgery. Often surgeries require anesthetic equipment which need to be put into the mouth and throat. Occasionally, the doctors and technicians working on the patient hit the edge of a tooth, chipping or breaking it. Usually these are small and easily fixed after the important surgery is completed and the patient has recovered.

Chipping and breaking teeth is all too common, even when we are careful to avoid injury. However, these chips are very easy to fix at the dentist office. If you find yourself with tooth issue – we are here for you at Shalimar Family Dentistry – just give us a call to set up your appointment today.

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