Family Dentistry in Tempe, AZ

Discover the Benefits offered in Shalimar Family Dentistry

Shalimar Family Dentistry provides care for both adults and children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) suggests that parents schedule bi-annual dental appointments for their children beginning six months after the emergence of their first tooth. Likewise, adults should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Starting from infancy, we treat patients and specifically counsel children and parents on proper dental care and dietary instruction. We provide a safe and comfortable dental environment for kids that include various games and activities as well as a treasure chest. Our goal is to provide dental knowledge from an early age in order to enforce the importance of dental care, and we provide knowledge in a way that will make children want to keep up with their oral hygiene. Our Tempe dental office is a place where your entire family can come in and receive treatment and our welcoming staff will make you feel right at home!

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Dental Check-Ups for Children

We understand that a child’s mouth is constantly transforming, which is why we keep meticulous records of your child’s tooth and jaw development. Our children’s dentist creates an enjoyable and pleasant environment for children so that they feel comfortable engaging in dental care from an early age. We provide thorough dental cleanings during each visit in order to accommodate the rapid changes a child’s mouth can face. On top of our cleanings, we continue to educate children on ways to prevent cavities at home so that smiles can stay clean and healthy. Even so, we may schedule more frequent appointments for children who seem more susceptible to orthodontic or cavity problems. Our family dental practice also uses fluoride treatments after cleanings to combat the ware of enamel. We may also apply dental sealants to a child’s teeth in order to prevent the intrusion of debris and bacteria.

The Shalimar Family Dentistry Difference

Our patients are usually surprised that the first part of their appointment is not spent talking about their teeth. We distinguish ourselves from high-volume family dental centers by creating relationships with our patients. At our family dental practice, you are not a chart number; you are a member of our family and we want to know you and your family and be sure we exceed your expectations.  

Additionally, we work with your dental insurance providers to get a comprehensive view of your dental insurance plan coverage. To minimize surprises, we will provide a breakdown of your dental insurance coverage so you can feel absolutely comfortable proceeding with our family dentistry services.

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